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Car Detailing & Paint Protection Services you can see and feel

For over 12 Years Lords of Detailing been in the business of building the best systems and processes to create outstanding Car washes and Car detailing Studio . Lords of Detailing Systems and technology stands out from the rest.


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12+ Years
Lords of Detailing Partnership

The Difference is

We have a “strategic plan“ it’s called doing things

Want to own and operate a high performance, state-of-the-art car wash & Detailing facility? Franchise business opportunities are available! Our team will work with you, developing your Detailing Studio as if it was our own and together reproducing our proven, successful Detailing model Check about Lords of Detailing Franchise opportunity Program.

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Detailing with Passion

At Lords of Detailing, we offer a total car care solution package

Everything from enhancement and protection through to maintenance. We offer unrivalled world class services for top end luxury, sports and classic cars. At Lords of Detailing, we offer a total car care solution package, incorporating everything from Cleaning, enhancement protection & Shield

Check how we do the Self-Healing Ceramic Coating

Here you can see, How we clean with Detail and Ceramic Coat the Car

Why Choose Car Detailing Business

The Great Thing About Lords Of Detailing Car Detailing franchise Model Is That You Are In Control Of What You Earn.

Return on

Typical return on investment is less than three years

Create Jobs

Today Car Detailing business Model are Employment generator and labor friendly

Global Industry

Car Washing & detailing is a $15 Billion dollar a year Industry and growing at 6 % annually

Profitable Venture

Car Detailing is Highly Profitable business with many opportunities for future development

Complimenting Business

Car Detailing is natural complement to many typeof business such as fast food and auto services

Build yourself a Great Story

Gain Leverage With Lords Of Detailing Automobile Franchise Support

Like any good pit crew , we have back of our franchise partner and are there for them

Comprehensive free sales training by channel

Free technical support

Free point of sales system

Top quality competitive product prices

Ongoing marketing support & visits

Free ready-to-publish website & a vast library of social media content

Lords of Detailing Business Partnership Program

Want to own and operate a high performance state of the art Car Detailing unit ? Franchise opportunities are available ! Our team will work with you , developing your Detailing Studio as if it is our own and together reproducing our proven , successful Automobile Detailing franchise model.

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Build yourself a Great Story

The World Of, Growth And Opportunities.

India's no.1 trusted Bike & Car Detailing Franchise business opprtunity to start.

Be An Entrepreneur

Good Career Opportunity to start a new begining.

Make Extra Profits

Give new profit defination to your existing Automobile Business.

Future Technology

Upgrade your existing automobile business with inovations.


Get Trained by Best Auto Detailing professionals.

Be A Brand

Build your own We known Automobile Detailing Brand.

Certified For Success

Be A Certified Automobile Certified Detailer nd make extra profits.

Our Support

How do we Support our Franchise to achive success

Our dedicated Support office team (who really know their stuff ) have one goal - to help set our franchise up for success

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You'll receive day-to-day, on-site operational support, cauching and developement to lead high performance in your delivery.
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Our marketing expertise will help drive customers into your driveway by raising brand awareness and supporting local area marketing.
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Our operations are backed by Established it systen and reporting to give Franchisees the smarts to effectively run their bussiness.
Training Before you start.jpg
Whilst on your 'L' Plates, You'll take the part in an initial 8 days , super hands-on, training program before we hand over the keys to your new store
OngOing Training & Collaboration.jpg
We will continuously work with you to provide leadership developement and run various workshops to up-skill your technical know-how throughout your time with Magic.
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We evaluate your site to deteremine if it has the necessary space, utilities, and proper entrances and exits to capture the potential wash volume the proforma has determined is available. The site will be analyzed for traffic flow, stacking, tunnel dimensions, utilities & equipment room
Detailing With Passion

Lords of detailing Services

We Clean ,Enhance , Protect and Shield the car to protect the investment of the customer so that they take pride in ownership of the car

Why Customer Choose Lords of Detailing ?

Detailing with Passion

Lords of Detailing is First Choice to Car Owners.

  • We Are Experts: We dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results.

  • We Are Committed: Everything we do is guided by our customers and their needs.

  • We are Complete: We engage in proactive behavior to provide Exceptional Detailing & Paint Protection Services Every time

10H Lords of Detailing

Ceramic Self Heal Coating

Graphene Coating

Lords of Detailing
Matt PPF

Lords of Detailing Glass-Black

Lords of Detailing chrome black series

Lords of Detailing Leather coating

Lords of Detailing optimal PPF

Lords of Detailing Superb PPF

To live by passion,
many dream!

Our keen sense of detail and perfection naturally guided us to the Detailer craft. Careful enthusiasts and demanding owners of all vehicles are therefore welcome in our den.

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_Detailing with Passion_

Why Our Customer Love Us

It’s so simple our Customer love us because we Love and care for them first . They want alternative and we provide them . We go to great lengths to keep them happy. We always thank our customers. Its Our policy that everyone says “thank you” to customers


We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we ...

We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we listen .That mean we have patience when they have issue and then we solve the issue.


We maintain active social media presence, write to them...

We maintain active social media presence , write to them and make it easy for them to reach us.


We delivered through our franchise Network...

We delivered through our franchise Network trusted and quality services with craftsmanship.


You will learn more from our FAQ.

Our team of experienced professionals has taken the time to answer some of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience for more answers visit our FAQ page

The availability of franchises in specific areas will be discussed during your initial interview. However, as you can appreciate, Lords of Detailing cannot predict which locations will be available when your application and qualification process is complete.

Your franchise agreement will have an initial term of 3 years, plus a 3- year renewal option.

No. There is no continuing royalty to be paid by franchisee to the company.

Yes. While it is each franchisee's contractual responsibility to find a suitable location, we will connect you with resources to assist you in site selection. We will collectively review all available options and approve a location that is mutually agreed upon and meets our criteria.

Lords of Detailing

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Thank you for considering us. Let's get your details to set up your car detailing business! Fill up the form below, and
we will get back to you shortly.

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