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Jasmeet Singh Gulati

Jasmeet Singh Gulati, the illustrious luminary at the helm of the Liv India Group, stands as the eminent orchestrator of an impressive symphony of commercial endeavors. His visionary leadership extends to a multitude of noteworthy campaigns, including but not limited to the vibrant and dynamic Speed Car Wash, the meticulous and exclusive Lords of Detailing, the precision-driven Liv India Autocare, the elite assemblage known as the Detailers League, the inventive Car Creatives, and various other synergistic ventures thriving beneath the protective canopy of Liv India Autocare Private Limited.

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Read these honest testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced our exceptional car detailing, paint protection, and ceramic coating services. Discover how we have exceeded their expectations and helped them protect and enhance the appearance of their vehicles.

_Detailing with Passion_

Why Our Customer Love Us

It’s so simple our Customer love us because we Love and care for them first . They want alternative and we provide them . We go to great lengths to keep them happy. We always thank our customers. Its Our policy that everyone says “thank you” to customers


We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we ...

We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we listen .That mean we have patience when they have issue and then we solve the issue.


We maintain active social media presence...

We maintain active social media presence , write to them and make it easy for them to reach us.


We delivered through our franchise Network...

We delivered through our franchise Network trusted and quality services with craftsmanship.


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