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Detailing With Passion

Steps to Franchise

Process to be Franchise-If you feel intrigued about the Lords of Detailing opportunities and could see yourself as Lords of Detailing Franchisee, the first step is to apply for franchise

Step 1

Expression of Interest

Express your interest via different medium

  • . Our website
  • . Our online ad
  • . Face book ad
  • . Call to our office
  • . Via seminars
  • . Other reference

Step 2

Briefing & Discussion

Expect a personalized call from our team soon. Our experienced business manager is eager to connect with you, providing a comprehensive overview of our exciting plan, detailing the investment required, and elucidating the myriad benefits that await.

Step 3

Due Diligence

Upon your signing of the Expression of Interest (EOI), our diligent business manager will embark on a visitation to your location, dedicated to a thorough evaluation of the prospective car wash site.

Step 4

Site Evaluation

We conduct a thorough assessment of your site, meticulously examining its dimensions, infrastructure, and ingress-egress provisions to ascertain its suitability in accommodating the projected detailing volume, as meticulously calculated within the Proforma.

Step 5

Agreement & LOI

Delve into the intricacies of crafting a comprehensive business plan and initiating the inaugural Agreement of Intent (LOI), setting the stage for the commencement of site finalization.

Step 6


After conducting meticulous technical site visits and thorough evaluations, we craft insightful projections and comprehensive Business and Economic Analyses (BEA).

Step 7

Site Technical Visit

Our Technical Person visit your site and after inspection submit mechanical , detailing plumbing ,piping ,electric layout the placement of washing equipment and other drawings and guide your contractor throughout the process

Step 8

Invoicing & Material Dispatch

Machine & Equipment Payment before 3 weeks of inauguration and Machine safety & Branding Material with Chemicals dispatched and our Technical team visit & Installed the equipment's

Step 9

LOD Operation Team took over

Once All the Payment done and Material Dispatched Lords of Detailing Team took over . Look after the Installation and other setup activities . A fit out period of 30 to 45 days is required

Step 10


Inauguration with press conference and launch event . Demonstration be given by Lords of Detailing Team

Client Testimonials

Customer Reviews - What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Read these honest testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced our exceptional car detailing, paint protection, and ceramic coating services. Discover how we have exceeded their expectations and helped them protect and enhance the appearance of their vehicles.

The ultimate car care experience starts here

How can we help you? Your FAQs about Lords of Detailing

No, it's non-binding, indicating initial interest without contractual commitment.

We provide comprehensive guidance and information for your research.

Yes, your input is valued in choosing an ideal location.

No, we help you explore various financing sources.

It involves a grand opening event to introduce your franchise to the community.

Yes, once you have successfully operated one franchise location, you may explore opportunities for multi-unit ownership.

_Detailing with Passion_

Why Our Customer Love Us

It’s so simple our Customer love us because we Love and care for them first . They want alternative and we provide them . We go to great lengths to keep them happy. We always thank our customers. Its Our policy that everyone says “thank you” to customers


We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we ...

We are genuine, and we are respectful, and we listen .That mean we have patience when they have issue and then we solve the issue.


We maintain active social media presence...

We maintain active social media presence , write to them and make it easy for them to reach us.


We delivered through our franchise Network...

We delivered through our franchise Network trusted and quality services with craftsmanship.


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